About Us

Back ground: Bicycle Sponsorship Project and Workshop is a charity Non Governmental Organization registered in Uganda.   Started in 1990 at an orphanage (St. Moses Children Care Centre) in Bukaya. To train orphans in technical skills of bicycle repair and maintenance, as a livelihood skill in future when they settle back in their respective communities.

It was also to address mobility needs of the neighbouring communities especially women and children who walked long distances to fetch water, fire wood and food from their respective gardens. By accessing them with low cost bicycles, it increased their carriage capacity, economic productivity, save on time and reduce the burden of heavy loads on their heads which impose health threat.

Our mission: The people in Uganda particularly disadvantaged persons and low income earners in both rural and urban areas are empowered with bicycles, skills and information that promote their capabilities and increase their capabilities to social economic opportunities

Our vision: Improve accessibility and affordability of bicycles to low income groups and individuals, enhance good health among our beneficiaries through the use of bicycles and bicycle ambulances and mobility for the people with disabilities (PWD's).