Our Activities

Bicycle Sponsorship Project and Workshop stands out to answer non-motorized transport needs of low income persons through the following projects

a) bicycle sponsorship, b) Bicycle ambulance   

c) Wheelchairs and tri-cycles project 

d) Biking 2school

e) Tree on a bike  

f) Hoima bikes

g) Solar cookers  and Energy saving Stoves

h) Community trainings in socio-economic wellbeing.     

Bicycle Sponsorship: Low income communities within their formulated groups or individuals receive bicycles at a subsidized cost, to enable them economically be productive. These include unemployed youth, widows and orphans especially those affected with HIV/AIDS are accessed with bicycles as an affordable and sustainable mode of transport in rural Uganda.

Beneficiaries get subsidized bicycles, which is less than half cost on the open market. With the bicycles, they can fetch water for both domestic or commercial use, move to the gardens and markets, undertake bicycle taxi business (Boda Boda) and get access to Health Centres/hospitals for treatment.

Bicycles remain largely unaffordable to a relatively big number of rural Ugandans, yet it’s their main mode of transport to social, economic and health concerns of their daily life. By sponsoring bicycles to various households, we not only address the mobility needs of many poor Ugandans the rural nd peri-urban, but offer an engine to economic empowerment.     A lot of time is wasted walking long distances to fetch water, collect fire wood, visit Health Centres and attending to sparsely located gardens.

Bicycle Ambulance; In rural areas, the roads are narrow, raged, cars are scarce and health facilities are located at a longer distance, these factors impose a threat to both sick and pregnant women. The bicycle ambulance serves as a reliable form of transport to save the life of the mother and the baby to a safe delivery maternity place (Health Centres).

 Bicycle Project Sponsorship and Workshop, fabricates and distribute these ambulances at a subsidized cost and it’s our dream to see that all rural mothers give birth at Health Centres and transported there easily.

Biking 2School: Students from disadvantaged rural families walk long distances to school with some journeys ranging to 10 kilometres per day. Walking long distances doesn’t only affect their academic performances negatively but also leads to school drop outs.

We support students with bicycles to enable them get to school in time, as bicycles speeds up mobility  and as well extend help to their respective families in terms of fetching water, going to the gardens either in the evening or on weekends and during holidays.

 Tree on a bike: Global warming is everywhere, we are partly responsible, and to reduce our carbon foot print, a number of measures have to be taken into consideration in our day to day life. The Bicycle Sponsorship Project takes matters of the environment very serious, we encourage cycling to protect the environment, however all our beneficiaries use trees to provide cooking energy in form of firewood or charcoal.  Trees are renewable resource, but they are cut at a far faster rate than planting. For every bicycle given out, 2 tree seedling are given, after one year, while monitoring the effective use of the bicycle, 3 more trees are given to the beneficiaries. We are committed to protecting the environment and we shall always encourage others to join hands to protect Mother Nature. BSPW runs a tree nursery bed, were hundred of trees are grown and disseminated to beneficiaries.

Hoima Bike: It’s a proto-type cargo bike. It’s a locally built cargo bicycles,  to enhance local capacities in bike production as well as reducing dependence on imported bicycles which are not that suitable for bulky cargo. With its extended carrier and a gear system, the Hoima bike carries more weight with relative ease than ordinary bikes. We want to intensify local production and to ensure more Ugandans ride Ugandan made bicycles.

Solar Cooker and Energy Saving Stoves: With 2 billion people worldwide depending on fire wood and charcoal for cooking, more tress are cut and reforestation can’t keep the pace. With support from EG Solar e.V  we build, training and disseminate solar cookers (SK14) which use the sun to cook food, smoke free, without deforestation and not women and children walking long distances in quest for fire wood /charcoal and carrying it on their head.